Voice Over IP (VOIP)

The abbreviation VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to the facility of worldwide phone calls through the internet. Therefore, VOIP is also known as internet phone in common language. Since it very debut, VOIP has gained much popularity around the world and the number of its users are getting increased with every passing day. The very reason for this popularity is the comparatively lower rates offered by VOIP providers. Though, VOIP functions like land lines yet its performance depends on the quality of your internet connection. The transmission of voice signals is not possible through dial up connections. Thus, you can enjoy internet phone service properly having a high speed internet connection.

VOIP providers have packages for all sorts of users. You can VOIP for home as well as business purposes. Mostly business VOIP services are available against flat rates in the United States of America. You need not to bother about your bills. Just a fixed amount of money provides you an unlimited communication access worldwide. The function of VOIP services is slightly different to that of traditional phones. It can be used as a traditional land line with the help of VOIP phone or you can have the facility of VOIP on your traditional line using an adapter. One of the remarkable features of VOIP phone is that incoming calls are automatically diverted on it, wherever you have placed it. If you are on a journey, you can have your VOIP phone with you. It can receive all the phone calls made for you. It is also used on your computer with the help of speakers and microphone. You can also receive calls through VOIP on your traditional phones with the help of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Many people around the world prefer VOIP to land lines to traditional phone services. Though some of the VOIP services do not provide the same facilities as you may find with traditional phone lines. But the nominal charges incurred on the phone calls through VOIP services make people choose them as their first preference. Moreover, some of the internationally-famed organizations such as Skype, Free World Dialup and VOIP Service Providers services offer free international phone calling through internet phone service. The users need only to download software, which is available free on the internet, to run the facility and they can have access worldwide.